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We are a dedicated Northern Soul Couple that decided to manufacture quality Northern Soul trousers at affordable prices due to the lack of availablity. Having searched for a considerable length of time and being dissapointed, we took upon ourselves to source a manufacturer for personal use and in doing so were approached by soulies enquiring whether we could provide the same for themselves. Thus creating Stockport Soul Clothing.

All orders which are not from stock, which is most of them will take 3/4 weeks from payment of invoice.

For More Info Call:

07925 240 618

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Stockport Soul - Keep the faith
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Choose the items you require from our range of Northern Soul garments


Place Order



Place your order either online, via email, on Facebook or by phone

Special Service

Message our design team for any special requirements such as belt loops or extra pockets



Sit back and relax whilst we make your bespoke garments just how you like it


"SSC always make my trousers just how i like them, the quality and bespoke fit is perfect"

Charlotte - Soulie

"The customer service at SSC is amazing, i will definetely be coming back"

Rachel - Soulie

"SSC get the design and fit right everytime, all my trousers fit like a glove"

Ben - Soulie

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